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Stop Paying Rent & Buy Your First HOME

Are you currently renting. If your answer is yes the following lines will save you a lot of money and will even make it easier for you to find wealth.

Let's assume you're paying anywhere from a two thousand(2000$) dollars to twenty five hundred dollars(2,500$) a month to your current landlord. So let's take that twenty five hundred dollars a month and let's say over the next twelve months you've actually paid your landlord eighteen thousand dollars (30,000$). Crazy right ? 

Well here's the thing that after five years you would have paid your landlord Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars (150,000$).

And at this time it is likely that the value of the property will rise

And rentals are always rising, especially when there are falls in the market

Insure yourself as early as possible so it will be easier and possible.

Procrastinate purchase a home can keep you from buying a home.

So let me ask you what's stopping you:

Is it your credit ?.

Did you know that you only need 580 to purchase a home now.  

If your score is anything less than the five eighty I can definitely  help you with repairing your credit and get you on your way to  being a homeowner.

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A lot of times it's easier to buy a house than it is to buy a car.

Is it the downpayment ?.

Did you know that there are programs today for first time home buyers 

that require A very low down payment.


Is it the monthly payment ?.

Your mortgage could be roughly around the same, if not less than, what Your current rent is...

Plus you get to take advantage of the homeowner's tax Breaks every year.

Start building equity now.

Give me a call and let's see how we can help you get pre-qualified on current available programs.

Adam Israeli

Pinnacle Estate Properties Inc.


CalDRE Lic. #02072011


Let's put together a plan of action and get you to home ownership.

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